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Grammy Award- winning songwriter Randy Thomas leads this duo act with his wife, Lori.  Randy and Lori have performed dance and dinner music at many of the finer country clubs around their home area of Fort Myers, Florida for the last eight years. When requested at special events, they perform some of Randy's original hit songs, such as "Butterfly Kisses" and "Why'd You Come In Here Lookin' Like That?" (Recorded by Dolly Parton).  In their former home studio in Nashville, Tennessee, Randy racked up countless Christian / Country / Pop hit songs, produced records and toured with international acts (such as Shania Twain) while Lori helped run the business and doubled as studio vocalist.  
Randy and Lori lead worship at Westminster Presbyterian Church, finding their second musical home as a duo and playing with local favorite Alter Ego band (often voted by News-Press as the best band in Fort Myers!). 
Randy began his career with Sweet Comfort Band and ALLIES, touring the world as a guitarist, vocalist, songwriter, and record producer. Lori began singing with The Cotton Sisters in Redlands, California and segued into studio vocal work as well as playing keyboards.  At home in SW Florida, Randy and Lori are seasoned professionals with extensive career bios.
Performing with Alter Ego has afforded Randy and Lori the opportunity to see firsthand what songs are popular with restaurant crowds, and what works with exclusive club events. “For the last eight years, we have taken note of those songs that make people jump out of their chairs! We try to mix up a blend of songs that fits each particular crowd and maybe surprise them with one of those tunes that makes them say 'I haven't heard that one in a while!,'” says Randy.  Lori nods, “And it’s the women that pull the men out onto the dance floor - so we pay careful attention to what the ladies like!"
After playing occasionally as a duo act in recent years, Randy & Lori decided to concentrate more on duo events in 2015.  Lori has noticed, “We carry less equipment than a band and the volume level is so much quieter.” Randy adds, “We enjoy doing big horn band dates with Alter Ego, but Randy and Lori events allow us to get up close and personal with the audience.”
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